Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Beautiful Day

Oh, how I love the Church. Filled with so much beauty. Bringing us Jesus daily through the sacraments. 

Today our sweet girl Amelia received confirmation and first holy communion. I am so very proud of this beautiful girl, who loves and knows Jesus. 

We weren't able to have a reception for her because Charlotte has strep again, but it was still a beautiful day. 

Please pray for our girl as she blossoms and grows in her faith and love for our lord savior. 

I have no idea what I'm doing in this pic, but it's cute. Mommy, Amelia, and daddy. 
Amelia and papa. 
Father, Amelia, and Sister Mater Dei (her teacher)
Nana, me, Grammy, papa, Maks, Lily, Tessa, and Amelia. Daddy was in the car with sick Charlotte and cranky Sam. 
Amelia at her baptism and then today. Makes me cry to think of how fast she's growing up. But I am so so so proud of her. 

Congratulations, sweet Amelia. 


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