Thursday, January 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

Monday was so fun. JoAnna and I took some kids and went to a counter protest against Planned Parenthood, downtown at the Capitol. Total coincidence that a grade from Amelia's school was also there for a field trip. You can read about our experiences here and here. I am so glad to have found a new buddy for these types of things!! And, I don't even need to talk, cuz she just rocks like that and takes care of it all, hehe.

(The Planned Parenthood people snuck their sign in the back. JoAnna and I are in the front with our babies.)

--- 2 ---

3 of my 4 kids have eye infections. I guess it's pink eye, but the doctor didn't call it that, so I'm sticking with the less scary of the two terms. Getting drops into 3 kids' eyes 3 times a day is real fun, I tell you what. It's almost as bad as trying to give a cat medicine.

--- 3 ---

Big time good news from Kyle's work this week. They are giving all the part-timers raises and will be promoting 3 people to full-time. We need major prayers that he will get one of these positions. They all love him at work, he's an awesome worker, but he's technically only been at the job 4 months, because his prior experience at FedEx Ground doesn't count towards superiority. *sigh* Please pray and pray hard for us. We need this. So much. Thank you!

--- 4 ---

I love watching my blog stats. They make me laugh. I have someone that either has an IP address scrambler or is from Latvia reading my blog. I also got a hit from Google when someone searched "Ron Paul." HAHAHAHAA!! Also, I'm up to 8 readers! SUPAHSTAH!

--- 5 ---

Uhh... anyone else have problems coming up with 7 takes? Hmm...

Oh, well the AZRTL March and Rally is the 22nd. Anyone going to join me? If you're not in AZ, look for a pro-life march in your area that weekend! It'll be awesome, I promise!

Mass with Bishop Olmsted is at 11, and the march starts at 12:30.

--- 6 ---

Anyone watch the results of the NH primaries? I did. *yawn* Nothing is as exciting as the Iowa Caucuses were. Seriously. That one was like sports for politics geeks, like me! Still excited about the NC primaries though.

Go Rick Santorum! Check out my opinions on the candidates here! (It took me a long time to make since I'm pretty much nursing every second of the day!)

--- 7 ---

Okay, here is a rundown of my favorite links from this week:

They look aliiiiive!

Happy weekend! We have a 4 day weekend, here!

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  1. I'm glad to have a buddy, too! I don't know if I would have had the courage to go myself. Thanks for being there!!

    Giving the eye medicine sounds like pure hell.

    Continued prayers for Kyle!

  2. 2 - I can remember having to get drops as a kid and I HATED it! Although if a cat bites you you can get an infection if a kid does probably won't.

    4 - That is fun! My friend has someone from Rome reading her blog she keeps telling ppl i t's the POPE! Last week I did 7QT of weird keywords it was funny my favorite is "I Hate the new roman missal" and "sex under the xmas tree" hahaha happy weekend!


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